Virtual hospitals to meet 500 cardiac consultations

4th October 2019
Alex Lynn

VBRI has just launched the field trial version of virtual hospital platform – mHospitals – at its four different centres in China, India and Sweden. It will start as a virtual cardiac platform that will serve patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In time more countries will be connected, and the number of services will grow.

By utilising advanced technologies like cloud medicine, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the mHospitals platform will provide the best quality of cardiac care to the patients along with the ultimate level of convenience. mHospitals patients will be able to access secure cardiac care rights in their home without having to travel an inch.

Dr Ashutosh Tiwari, Managing Director of VBRI, said: “Being from a village in India, I have witnessed how people had to struggle and travel long distance to access secure healthcare. In 2014, when I was attending a conference in rural parts of India, my mother got ill. 

“From that day I started working towards where we are today with the release of the mHospitals, it is like a dream that has come true. It is our sincere hope that our attempt to amalgamate cloud medicine IoT, Machine Learning and AI and connect it to smart wearable healthcare devices, that we are on our way to bring down barriers like time and distance from the world of cardiac care.”

Dr Yogesh Shukla, Director of mHospitals, added: “The platform has gone through an extensive range of field trials and the results have been successful. So far, we have provided consultancy to patients and also started performing surgeries. 

“With the wide network of world class doctors and specialists, mHospitals, after the completion of field trials, will surely be ready to provide extensive cardiac care to patients. Now in this 6th stage of field trials, we aim to provide cardiac consultancy to 500 patients in the upcoming 90 days. We will not attend any medical emergency at this stage.”

Pavan Pandey, the Director of IT at VBRI Innovation centre in New Delhi, India, said: “mHospitals is a classic example of the perfect fusion of medical expertise and advanced new-age technologies for the betterment of society. 

“The platform has made optimum use of technologies like Machine Learning, IoT and AI to make sure that the patients get instant and quality healthcare at their doorstep. Further, he said that the product will surely be extremely helpful for the Indian population through our in-house developed unique database management system.”

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