Updated and Expanded MOST Book Includes MOST150

5th April 2011
ES Admin
Titled The Automotive Multimedia Network - From MOST25 to MOST150, this second edition of the comprehensive and easy to understand standard work is published by the Franzis Publishing House in the series Electronics & Electrical Technology library. The MOST Cooperation has assigned this update to provide the latest status by including MOST150 - the third generation of MOST which is close to rollout, stated editor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Grzemba. Providing access to all three technology generations, this qualified compendium addresses electronics development professionals to obtain an overview and making MOST Technology easy to understand and apply. But also project managers and executives who are concerned with the transmission of multimedia data will receive an excellent insight.
The authors are a team of numerous specialists from member companies and competence partners such as carmakers, suppliers and scientific institutes, representing a broad spectrum of MOST know-how. Starting out with an introduction to the MOST standard itself, the book proceeds by describing the organization of the MOST Cooperation and the general communication architecture of an automobile using MOST. The subsequent chapter provides an overview on MOST Technology, followed by detailed presentations of most important technology aspects. Explaining the latest generation MOST150, two completely new chapters have been added: Introduction of MOST150 in Series Production and MOST150 Migration. After looking at manufacturing and processing of MOST components, the book concludes with the introduction of gateways to connect external devices and various MOST applications.

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