UK ranks fifth in world’s fastest public WiFi

25th November 2016
Alice Matthews

Internet usage across the world continues to rise every year and the increase of smart devices means access to WiFi is becoming more important and expected by consumers. But the UK is lagging behind some of its European counterparts when it comes to delivering fast public WiFi and customer satisfaction, the latest findings and infographic from tech watchdog Rotten WiFi shows.

Public WiFi hotspots can now be found everywhere from public transport to coffee shops and is frequently used by consumers to catch up with their messages, stream videos and connect with friends. While access is valued, clients are likely to become frustrated if the speed doesn’t keep up with demand. With average download speeds of 11.7 in the UK, the country is falling behind Lithuania, Singapore, Switzerland, and Denmark. However, the UK does beat Germany, Canada, and the USA, which only just manage to make it into the top 20 countries for providing fast speed public WiFi access. This year marks the first time the USA and Germany have made it into the top 20 list.

Arturas Jonkus, CEO of TelcoQ, parent company of Rotten WiFi, said, “The internet is part of our daily lives and has become a vital component for how we work, communicate and pass the time. Offering high speed public WiFi access is a great way for businesses and other organisations alike to draw in extra customers. WiFi access shouldn’t be something that public spots are considering implementing but rather a vital step for connecting in the modern technology age. Rotten WiFi users can log on and register their internet speed whatever country they’re in, helping us to build a comprehensive database of the best places to head to get online.”

While the UK might make it into the top five for download speeds it slips down the rankings when customer satisfaction is considered, scoring just four, while 12 of the countries appearing on the list manage to score five. The findings indicate that UK public WiFi spots have lots of potential to improve in order to meet customer expectations, which are likely to increase in the coming years.

The top 20 countries with the fastest public WiFi in 2016 (click for source): 

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