Transformer rectifier maintenance service

18th March 2014
Jacqueline Regnier

Powerstax is now able to offer an indispensable service to those in possession of transformer rectifier units. Delivering large quantities of regulated DC power in industrial applications, 24/7 availability is often mandatory for these high value items. It is therefore important that every effort is made to keep them running smoothly in the long term with no interruptions or loss in functional integrity.

Founded on the longstanding reputation of the Drake Power brand, which it acquired back in mid-2012, Powerstax is now able to promptly complete on-site maintenance and repair activities, as well as numerous additional corrective measures, so that consistently high levels of performance are upheld. The company has brought together a highly-experienced engineering team capable of taking care of the servicing and modification of units from Powerstax/Drake as well as other manufacturers, such as Westinghouse and Brentford Electric. These engineers can respond rapidly to breakdowns and execute on-site repairs.

Transformer rectifiers are employed in a wide variety of heavy duty industrial processes. These include cathodic protection, electro-chlorination, electrophoretic paint deposition, electroplating, electro-winning, anti-fouling, electrocoagulation, etc. They are generally situated in extremely severe working environments, where they may be constantly exposed to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. This puts the constituent components parts under considerable stress and shortens their lifespan. To combat this, rigorous point-by-point checks are necessary - undertaken on a frequent basis by trained professionals. If this is done then the units’ operational longevity is expanded and potentially crippling expenses relating to downtime are avoided.

Furthermore, in many cases the output voltage from these units needs to be kept to very precise values if they are to prove fully effective for the given task. For example, when a unit is used to supply power to painting machinery, so that an even coat is placed onto a metal surface (such as a car’s exterior), a voltage drift as the unit ages could lead to quality control criteria being breached. Mitigation of the substantial financial impact caused by ‘out-of-spec’ errors like these arising can be achieved through regular re-calibration, and by using state-of-the-art instrumentation the technical staff at Powerstax can carry this out with certification to NAMAS standards. The consistency of OEMs’ product is thereby preserved and the threat of unacceptably high level of customers returns is eliminated.

It is clearly better if a proactive rather than reactive approach is taken. To complement its simple ‘pay as you go’ service, Powerstax can also put together a preventive maintenance plan tailored to meet the specific needs of any client. A range of extended warranties may be purchased. These go from a high priority 1-3 business day call out with all site repair costs (including parts, labour and travel) as well as a yearly re-calibration covered, through to a lower cost basic policy offering a 4-6 business day response. Its engineers can conduct surveys, with recommendations made regarding which components need replacing and what modifications should be made for improving energy efficiency, maximising service availability and ensuring the safety of operatives.

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