Tracealyzer brings streaming trace to FreeRTOS

9th September 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Percepio has announced the availability of Tracealyzer version 3.0, initially supporting FreeRTOS and SEGGER embOS. The new generation Tracealyzer offers continuous trace streaming, allowing for essentially unlimited traces of task scheduling, interrupts and application logging. Trace streaming is supported via SEGGER J-Link debug probes which offer great performance on ARM Cortex-M and Renesas RX MCUs.

According to Dr. Johan Kraft, Founder and CEO, Percepio, commented: “Continuously streaming trace is a fundamental improvement. Developers can now record their system for hours using a standard debug probe, capture intermittent problems, visualise and quickly understand why they occur. The new version 3.0 is also the foundation for a whole new set of powerful features that will be released during 2016.“

Richard Barry, Author, FreeRTOS, says: “Percepio have been providing our global user base with best in class trace tools for a number of years, and the value they add to the FreeRTOS ecosystem is an important part of the value proposition that has made FreeRTOS number 1. The trace tools have undergone incremental improvement during this time, and now the introduction of continuous trace represents a step change in capability that will benefit all FreeRTOS users.”

Percepio’s market-leading visualisation offers 20+ views, which are cleverly interconnected to allow viewing the trace from multiple perspectives, for instance CPU usage, memory allocation, task synchronisation and communication events, as well as selected state variables and input/output values.

The insight provided by Tracealyzer facilitates debugging, validation, profiling, documentation and training. This can help avoid weeks of troubleshooting and vastly increase development speed.

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