Toshiba plots path to profitable growth

22nd October 2019
Mick Elliott

Putting the financial travails of 2018 behind it, Toshiba will be leaning on its semiconductor expertise to point the way to a profitable future. What is described as Toshiba's "Next Plan" will see the company concentrate its efforts on Electronic Devices and Storage, Infrastructure Systems, ICT Solutions and Energy.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage (TDSC), which also includes a materials manufacturing unit and a semiconductor manufacturing equipment, is the vehicle which will supply much of the impetus.

At the Publitek Munich Press Event 2019, Pieter Lieberwirth, Vice President, Marketing & Operations, said that the focus for the semiconductor unit will be Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

The target is to be the global leading supplier by fusing Toshiba’s product expertise with the merging CPS models.

The strategy says Lieberwirth is to “strengthen edge solutions by using Toshiba’s recognised AI-based image recognition SoC as a technology driver and to accelerate development of edge solutions, integrating sensors, analogue front-end ICs and microcontrollers.”

“We can contribute to a CPS society with sensing, processing and control products,” he explains.

These approach embraces Toshiba’s sensor, opto including photocouplers and photo relays, image processing, ARM-based microcontrollers, power covering a wide range of silicon-based and wide-band gap devices, motor control drivers and hard disk drives.

Target markets will be automotive, industrial infrastructure including Industry 4.0 and large density data centres.

TDSC is forecast to report sales of 840bn Yen in 2019 which will represent 24% of total Toshiba sales. It will also 25% of Toshiba’s forecast 140bn Yen profit in 2019.

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