Thuraya satellite phones get first portable and dockable tracking system

2nd May 2006
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Triteq Ltd has designed the electronics in an advanced location-tracking unit developed by Geonix Tracking Ltd for the Thuraya satphone handset. The UK-developed clip-on unit is designated as GT2000 and was introduced by Geonix to the Thuraya Service Providers at a conference and exhibition held in Dubai from 24-25 April.
Designed by Triteq to attach to the back of the phone, the GT2000 allows the user to track, monitor and communicate with key mobile assets such as people, vehicles, containers, ships and trains, whilst travelling within both GSM coverage and the 120-country footprint of the Thuraya satellite.

Triteq based its design on the latest SiRF III chipset for optimal accuracy, time-to-first-fix, battery life and cost. As a result the GT2000 is one of the lowest-cost satellite tracking systems on the market and is the only such device to combine voice, text and tracking in a portable device. It is also the first to provide this capability using the most cost-efficient network available.

For use in vehicles, ships, trains and other mobile assets, the unit is available with an optional GT2001 docking unit, also designed by Triteq, which allows for external antenna connections to be routed through the vehicle to the GT2000 unit.

As well as GPS location, the GT2000 incorporates a two-axis motion detector to monitor activity, and optionally a discrete alarm facility using a remote ‘alert’ fob, the GT2002, similar in size to a car key fob. The two way RF front interfaces with the GT2000 trackable satphone.

An RF link is provided for proximity monitoring, panic button and location beacon functions. This will use the 915MHz band and use a transmit power of 1-10mW to ensure dependable communication.

The device can be mounted on any existing Hughes 7100, 7101 or Ascom phones, can be moved from phone to phone, and can be dismounted for docking with office or in-vehicle units. It can also be configured remotely via SMS messages.

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