Thermal imaging webinars available on demand

28th June 2019
Alex Lynn

FLIR Systems has announced the availability of three new recorded webinars that will be of interest to people interested in, or users of thermal cameras for R&D /science applications. The webinars include; 'The Advantages of LWIR SLS Thermal Cameras' and ‘Thermocouples vs. Infrared cameras’.

A webinar entitled 'The Advantages of LWIR SLS Thermal Cameras' discusses how the introduction of Type II Strained Layer Superlattice (SLS) detectors in recent years has brought significant advances in thermal imaging, in terms of temperature range, uniformity, speed, and integration times. This webinar demonstrates how Infrared cameras with SLS detectors offer a viable high-performance alternative to traditional thermal cameras that rely on indium antimonide or mercury cadmium telluride detectors, offering the same or better performance at a lower cost.

Both thermocouples and infrared cameras are used to measure temperature in a diverse range of applications. FLIR's ‘Thermocouples vs. Infrared cameras’ recorded webinar reviews how we currently measure temperature with the technologies available today, and explains the basics of how both thermocouples and IR cameras work. To compare the two techniques an identical experiment is conducted using thermocouples and an IR camera to measure temperature. This webinar will be a great opportunity for anyone who currently relies on thermocouples to learn about the advantages of next-generation infrared camera solutions for non-contact thermal measurement.

In the final new recorded webinar presentation, FLIR Business Development Manager for Science, Jerry Beeney, compares using traditional temperature measurement devices with modern thermal camera for troubleshooting faults and failures in PCB and Electronic products.

In this presentation he uses real-world infrared images and examples to detail how R&D/Science grade thermal cameras can more easily identify hot spots, allowing for improved thermal management and greater advances in circuit board design.

To access these webinars, click here.

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