The infrastructure of tomorrow

28th July 2016
Joe Bush

With the race for the US Presidential Election hotting-up, Hilary Clinton has released her proposed infrastructure plan, promising to build a “21st century backbone for a thriving 21st century economy.”

Current federal infrastructure investment is roughly half of what it was 35 years ago, which is reflected by the D grade given by the American Society of Civil Engineers for the poor condition of America’s highways, bridges and traffic systems.

So what are engineers saying needs to be done to fix these infrastructure failures? Ohio University’s Masters of Engineering programme has created a visual resource highlighting ‘Technology and the future or America’s infrastructure’ (below).

While 42% of the major urban highways in the US are congested and 70% of US manufacturers agree that roads are getting worse, this graphic highlights how engineers and manufacturers will be able to fix these problems through traffic signal synchronisation, talking cars and future road construction. This resource even breaks down how solar roadways may be the future of our highways.


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