The BYTON concept blew CES visitors away

16th January 2018
Anna Flockett

It received more than 10,000 reports on the TV, in newspapers, automotive magazines and in online media, countless posts on social media, and over 200 on-site test drives at the CES 2018 show, and it is pretty safe to say was one of the visitors favourites – what BYTON believes to be the car with incredible capabilities.

BYTON gave an advance presentation of its smart electric SUV to over 800 specially selected media representatives – with regular CES visitors getting to see the vehicle for the first time two days later. BYTON claims that rarely before have visitors and the media been in such agreement – the BYTON Concept is a real showstopper for numerous reasons.

With digital capabilities and innovative interfaces between the vehicle, driver and passengers this premium SUV the vehicle to showcase the future of smart mobility and autonomous driving.

These are qualities that BYTON’s Concept exudes right from the very first glance, and nowhere is this more evident than in its interior. There, a Shared Experience Display extends across the entire width of the dashboard (49x10”) enabling the driver and passengers to interact with the vehicle via voice, touch and gesture control as well as through facial recognition.

“The BYTON Concept SUV connects the digital world with the automotive industry in a way that opens up a completely new experience in personal transportation”, revealed Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, CEO and co-founder of BYTON. “It was important to us not to showcase an abstract show car at CES, but to present a car that is very close to mass-production and works extremely well in all key areas. We’re quite proud of the enthusiastic response from the public and the media. Furthermore, it spurs us on to push ahead at full throttle with mass-production so that we can start delivering vehicles in 2019.”

At the show 550 media representatives and visitors got the chance to put the SUV through its paces on a lap of the course around the BYTON House and communicate directly with the vehicle through its digital interfaces.

Over 1,700 visitors registered in advance and on the spot for a half-hour tech tour of the BYTON House. It was an experience that left a lasting impact for the company.

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