Tech startup signs deal to reach more UK customers

19th December 2017
Anna Flockett

A new innovative technology startup, PromoMii will redistribute on-air trailers of channels operated by AMC Networks International – UK (AMCNI UK) to digital platforms for the purpose of reaching new audiences. The PromoMii platform works by collecting, and redistributing, TV trailers to digital platforms outside of the broadcaster’s own ecosystem which has historically been challenging. PromoMii’s innovation is to make this seamless and cost effective for broadcasters and platforms.

These promos are streamed directly into set-top boxes, EPGs, TV guides, apps, online magazines and newspapers, and other digital destinations, enabling AMCNI UK to deliver its promotional content directly to viewers.

PromoMii was started by Daniel Halasz and Michael Moss, and earlier this year raised £150,000 in seed funding via the Innovation Warehouse.

“We are super excited to be working with AMCNI UK. Not only are we helping them get extra eyeballs on the promos they’ve created, but consumers will benefit hugely from being able to watch their trailers instead of just reading a 2-line synopsis and seeing a still picture as they browse through a TV guide or EPG, or watch on demand,” said Michael Moss, CEO & Co-founder of PromoMii.

Moss continued: “Currently, unless a person is sitting in front of their TV watching a specific channel when a trailer airs, they’ll probably never see it. We make promos available to consumers where and when they need one to decide what to watch.”

The PromoMii team
The investment support for PromoMii was led by the Innovation Warehouse, spokesman Stephen Bloch commented: “It’s exciting for us and our investor network to support a business with such real potential to disrupt its market sector.”

AMCNI UK is excited to be an early adopter of PromoMii.

Matt Stott, Director of Creative, Marketing and Communications at AMCNI UK, said: “We have a loyal audience across our channel portfolio in the UK who are passionate about our content. We’re aware that there’s also a younger demographic out there consuming TV in a different way. This audience does a lot more research before committing to a series and PromoMii enables us to help them discover our content exactly when they’re making a viewing choice.”

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