System supplier for air taxis

27th November 2018
Alex Lynn

Supplier of safety-relevant electronics systems, Silver Atena, is increasingly positioning itself in aerospace in the areas of electric and autonomous flying. The company has been a system supplier for the aerospace industry for decades and is engaged in the new technical challenges for vertical take-off electric light aircraft. 

The current portfolio offers customers of the future aerospace industry technical solutions in key areas of electric and autonomous flying: electric drives and actuators, power supply and distribution including battery management, avionics, computer platforms for flight control and route planning. With its range of engine governors and starters/generators the company also offer solutions for hybrid drive systems.

Established companies in the aircraft industry, as well as numerous start-ups are working on mobility concepts which rely on autonomous electrical air taxis. The topics of autonomy and electric propulsion not only break new ground in technical implementation, but also especially in certification in civil aviation.

Here Silver Atena can contribute its many years of experience in the development and manufacture of systems in accordance with international aerospace standards and in compliance with aviation safety regulations to development partnerships.

Silver Atena develops and delivers inverters for highly-dynamic electrical drives, as are also used in modern aerospace. With voltages of up to 900V and outputs of up to 500kW the inverter portfolio covers a multitude of applications in the field of electrical drives.

Thanks to a modular approach, Silver Atena can offers solutions with low technical risks with tried and tested modules, which correspond to the high safety requirements of the aerospace sector right from the start. The inverters can be flexibly adapted to the available space, as well as to cooling with air or water, and thereby achieve a specific output of up to 15kW/kg.

Josef Mitterhuber, Managing Director of Silver Atena, stated: "Safety systems developed and tested according to aerospace standards that combine high performance with low weight and compact design - that is what we contribute to the development of these innovative aircraft. Not only do we supply concepts, but also develop prototypes and series-produce electronic system components that can quickly and safely overcome the technical hurdles in the development of new air taxi mobility concepts."

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