Synchronous buck DC/DC controller with wide duty cycle range

21st November 2019
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The LM5146-Q1 100V synchronous buck controller from Texas Instruments regulates from a high input voltage source or from an input rail subject to high voltage transients, minimising the need for external surge suppression components. 

A high-side switch minimum on-time of 40ns gives large step-down ratios, enabling the direct step-down conversion from a 48V nominal input to low-voltage rails for reduced system complexity and solution cost. 

The LM5146-Q1 continues to operate during input voltage dips as low as 5.5V, at nearly 100% duty cycle if needed, making it an excellent choice for high-performance 48V battery automotive applications, ADAS (surround view ECU) and HEV/EV systems.

Forced-PWM (FPWM) operation eliminates switching frequency variation to minimise EMI, while user-selectable diode emulation lowers current consumption at light-load conditions. Measuring the voltage drop across the low-side MOSFET or with an optional current sense resistor gives cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection. 

The adjustable switching frequency as high as 1MHz can be synchronised to an external clock source to eliminate beat frequencies in noise-sensitive applications.

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