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10th November 2010
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There are many East Asian manufacturers – with headquarters in China, Japan or Taiwan, for example – that make high-quality, reliable electromechanical and optoelectronic components. But what differentiates these companies from one another? And what makes a specific vendor attractive for customers/users – particularly here in Europe?
SUYIN ECO (SUYIN’s European Central Organization) responds to this question with a service and communications structure that is tailored to match European requirements and expectations. The organization’s “We speak European” motto refers to more than just the different languages. It also refers to the ability to understand the different national mentalities and cultural backgrounds. After all, It’s very important to gain a solid understanding of the wishes and expectations of European customers right from the beginning in order to then be able to implement them precisely in the correct language and style at the company’s design, production and testing facilities in the Far East – in close cooperation, of course, with the specialists there. Communication and coordination in the other direction, from Asia to Europe, also requires a great deal of effort and experience. In short: SUYIN ECO connects its customers’ requirements to the company’s own technical capabilities in working processes. A key factor that differentiates SUYIN from other East Asian vendors is the fact that customers do not have to adapt to pre-defined standard solutions. Instead, SUYIN orients itself with great flexibility on its customers’ desires and develops and manufactures its products in accordance with individual customer specifications.

Customers describe their applications and the solutions that they would like to have, including all of the requirements with regard to the design, quality, quantities, and other aspects, such as logistics. SUYIN ECO’s customer care representatives then take on responsibility for project management, which ranges from constant “bilateral” communication to the definition of requirements and the initial product design drafts and continues all the way to quality management (discrepancy and 8D reporting). When it comes to order processing, too, SUYIN demonstrates a high level of flexibility and offers its customers tailored logistics solutions (such as a framework agreement, buffer warehouse, consignment warehouse, etc.).

Departments specializing in different industries – such as the Automotive and Industrial Connector Business Unit (AICBU) and Networking Connector Business Unit (NCBU) – ensure fast, reliable interconnect solutions that comply with all relevant industry standards.

Due to SUYIN’s automated robotic production lines, the manufacturing processes, which are supported by the in-house quality testing lab (National Class 2 Lab), can manage high volumes with particular flexibility.

“We speak European” means:
SUYIN understands European market requirements and links them
with East Asian design and manufacturing expertise.

SUYIN is also “speaking European” from 9 – 12 November in Munich at electronica 2010 in hall B4 at booth 624!

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