SolderStar equipment is compatible with Windows 10

11th August 2015
Nat Bowers

Businesses have been busy upgrading to benefit from the desktop improvements and security features introduced in Windows 10 last month, but does it affect current applications and hardware? Fortunately, SolderStar designed their equipment with advancements like this in mind.

Mark Stansfield, Managing Director, SolderStar, commented: “It is very important when designing equipment that future upgrades and advancements are taken into consideration to ensure they are always compatible. We have tested all SolderStar products from drivers, through to our profile central thermal profiling software, which enables users of all levels to measure and improve their soldering processes, to ensure they work efficiently with the Windows 10 upgrade and we are very pleased with the results."

SolderStar continually develop their software and drivers to ensure they offer leading-edge performance and functionality.

“We do not need to make any changes to our products in relation to the new Microsoft upgrade, which in turn allows our customers to continue using SolderStar equipment without concern,” added Stansfield.

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