SMSC - OptoLyzer G2 Premium Bundle

14th July 2009
ES Admin
SMSC has announced the OptoLyzer G2 Premium Bundle, a high-end analysis solution that is part of SMSC's OptoLyzer G2 family. The OptoLyzer G2 Premium Bundle comes with an OptoLyzer G2 for MOST25, for MOST50 or for MOST150 networks.
A key benefit is the availability of the broad set of ready-to-use software extensions without the need for additional configuration. As a result, the developer can immediately and easily:

- Create customized test and development environments with the OptoLyzer Components.
- Analyze the MOST network topology and investigate the states and properties of the respective devices with the MOST Radar software.
- Comprehensively control other devices in the network and automate specific test procedures with MOST Rapid Control.
- Analyze any INIC device in the MOST network and investigate their respective properties in detail with the INIC Remote Viewer.

Lastly, customers enjoy a discount when purchasing an OptoLyzer G2 Premium Bundle versus the purchase of separate components.

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