SMSC Launches MediaLB Device Interface Macro IP Supporting 6-Pin MediaLB

1st February 2010
ES Admin
SMSC, a leading semiconductor company providing Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of its OS62420 MediaLB Device Interface Macro IP including 6-pin support.
This new IP is designed specifically to meet high-performance data transfer requirements and offers efficient, seamless integration into systems-on-chip (SoCs). The macro offers a complete MediaLB device supporting both single-ended MediaLB 3-Pin and additionally the new differential MediaLB 6-Pin interfaces to Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST(r)) Intelligent Network Controllers (INICs). The interface offers max. 1024 frame samples (FS) equaling 49.2 MBIt/s in a 48kHz MOST network in MediaLB 3-Pin mode and max. 8192 FS equaling 330 MBIt/s in MediaLB 6-Pin mode. The macro features an Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA(r)) 2.0-compliant user interface (AMBA high performance bus and AMBA peripheral bus) for connection to the SoC's system architecture.

MediaLB is a chip-to-chip interface that enables connectivity of application ICs with the MOST network interface controllers. MediaLB device interfaces can be implemented royalty-free. MediaLB has gained wide support with major semiconductor companies and currently there are 23 licensees using the MediaLB standard in their automotive infotainment products.

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