Security library receives ISO 26262 automotive safety certification

6th June 2019
Alex Lynn

The ISO 26262 certification has been achieved by SecureRF Corporation, for its development methods used to deliver its advanced automotive security solutions. These methods, used to develop SecureRF’s quantum-resistant security tools, ensure the highest levels of quality for protecting the growing number of processors now found in today’s vehicles. 

The company’s software development methods conform with the strictest requirements, receiving an Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) ‘D’, the highest classification for safety-critical processes from exida, the leading global certification company. With this accreditation, SecureRF’s solutions are ready for immediate use within the electronic systems of a vehicle.

Hundreds of embedded processors control critical operations in today’s cars. With increasingly sophisticated functions, from passenger comfort systems and entertainment to coming autonomous features, the number of electronic control units in a car is growing, raising the need for fast, small, and resource efficient security. 

To provide safety-compliant systems, a broadening range of stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem are supporting these standards, and SecureRF is among the first IP providers to earn ISO 26262 ASIL D certification.

“ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Certification demands that a company demonstrate competence in applying the ISO 26262 specification to real-world engineering situations,” said Ted Stewart, Senior Safety Engineer at exida. “To achieve its certification, SecureRF’s entire development process, from initial requirements specifications to final validation, underwent intense scrutiny. SecureRF’s investment in achieving this certification illustrates its commitment to a strong safety culture, which is a requirement for ISO 26262 compliance.”

Louis Parks, Chairman, and CEO of SecureRF, added: “We made this investment in certifying our methods to support our semiconductor partners’ design teams. They are on the leading edge in developing new electronic control units, sensors, and artificial intelligence solutions that will ultimately enable a wide range of new functions including self-driving vehicles, so it is critical that we meet the highest security and safety standards. 

“This was a significant effort by our engineering, safety, and quality teams, and we are proud to be one of the first security companies to deliver ISO-certified identification, authentication, and protection methods that address the embedded processors now being used by the automotive community.”

SecureRF’s security library includes fast, small, and low-energy Key Agreement Protocols and Digital Signature Algorithms that are quantum-resistant to all known attacks.

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