Saelig - Bio-Acoustic Solar-powered Bird Dispersal Device

5th February 2010
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Saelig Company has launched the COMPACT range - the very latest innovation in field-proven professional bio-acoustic technology for ridding agricultural, building and public places of bird nuisances. The new COMPACT 1313 is completely portable, providing up to 360 degree dispersal with the additional benefit of solar power capability to allow independence from all external power supplies, with zero ongoing utility cost.
Designed to work even in rainy weather, COMPACT emits well-researched and field-trialed predator species distress calls to create an environment appearing hostile to birds, yet appears natural and inoffensive to humans nearby. It is humane, inoffensive, does not endanger birds, and is far more acceptable than conventional alternatives such as explosive devices, or culling.

The COMPACT range can be used to great advantage in fruit farms, crop fields, food production plants, parks, warehouses, shopping centers and other outdoor urban areas - even outside restaurants, preventing potentially dangerous food hazards. It can be set up to activate when bird movement is detected using infrared sensor technology. Fully automatic and randomly-timed in playback, COMPACT can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without human intervention. COMPACT may also be powered from 15v dc, 110VAC mains supplies, or from a 12V battery charged by solar panels.

Situations that can immediately benefit from COMPACT include schools and downtown environments troubled by starlings or seagulls whose white droppings on sidewalks and on cars represent a significant health hazard for people. Hazardous, troublesome goose droppings can be eradicated in public parks and schools too. Farmers whose crops are ravaged by birds can see a payback in a single season. And COMPACT is easy to install by non-technical users.

Larger Scarecrow systems, based on identical principles, have been widely used in Europe in rural and urban applications across a diverse range of industry sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, petrochemical, environmental management and recreational, as well as over 1000 Airports worldwide Scarecrow ULTIMA systems have recently been selected as the preferred device for use in USA airports.

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