Saelig Introduces AnyWhere Solar Lighting

20th November 2009
ES Admin
Saelig Company, Inc has announced the availability of AnyWhere Solar Lighting - a new weather-proof lighting product developed for use in off-grid solar applications. AnyWhere Lighting Kits have built-in energy storage and management, eliminating the need for a separate battery and controller in a solar home system installation.
Using the best quality and highest efficiency components commercially available, the AnyWhere Lighting Kit provides an instant lighting solution almost anywhere! With the solar panel provided (as small as 3Wp or 50J/day) you can generate 240 Lumens for 4 to 6 hours per day on any sunny day worldwide. The AnyWhere Lighting Kit converts electrical energy to light with an outstanding 23% efficiency, much more efficient than the 5% of fluorescent lamps or 1% for incandescent lamps. The light output of the smallest AnyWhere Lighting Kit is comparable to a 40watt incandescent bulb, or a 7watt Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL).

The AnyWhere lighting kit is dimmable by a pull-switch to reduce energy consumption (240/120/25 lumens). On the lowest light setting, a fully-charged lamp will illuminate for up to a remarkable 60 hours. AnyWhere Lighting can be connected in parallel, using the terminal box provided, with other AnyWhere Lamps or other appliances , creating a full solar system solution for all your lighting and infotainment needs. Using state-of-the-art white LEDs, the life of AnyWhere lighting is designed to have less than 25% reduction in illumination after 9 years of operation. A line-powered charger is available to allow for additional operational applications.

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