Robot's roamings mix education and fun

11th July 2019
Mick Elliott

It can be fun, it can educate and it can inspire. It is the MekaMon Berserker v2 robot, developed by Reach Robotics which is now available at RS Components. MekaMon is a gaming robot, as well as being ideal for robotics engineers and hobbyists, and for a wide range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students from those still in the early stages of school, up to those studying engineering at university.

With excellent build quality, the MekaMon robot is a fully programmable four-legged unit that offers lifelike movement with three degrees of freedom per leg and exceptional flexibility.

Education is a key application for MekaMon: specially developed for use with the robot is the ReachEdu app, which enables students and others to connect to their Apple or Android based device and helps them learn how to code.

Using visual programming suites, such asMekaDraw,MekaMotion andMekaCode,the ReachEdu app provides users with a comprehensive introduction to coding without the need for any prior specialist knowledge and enables them to create their own programs for the robot.

At introductory levels, there are built-in guided-learning missions that take learners on a journey of adventures – with the eventual aim of transitioning the learning experience from simple block-based programming to writing code and enabling them to access a range of input and output commands and take full advantage of MekaMon’s suite of sensors and fluidic movements.

Available in three colours – black, white or grey – the MekaMon Berserker v2 robot offers Bluetooth LE connectivity, 1.5 hours of play for each 60-minute battery charge, and full modularity for easy storage. It is shipping now from RS in the EMEA region.

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