RadioScape’s new DAB/DMB/DAB-IP Field Monitoring Receiver provides low cost network monitoring and analysis

31st July 2006
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RadioScape, a world leader in Professional DAB and DMB Broadcast Systems, has now made available a low-cost, compact Monitoring Receiver for Eureka-147 Band III and L-Band DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast), Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) and Enhanced Packet Mode multimedia (DAB-IP).
Until now, such a system would have consisted of several large and expensive units, which are unwieldy when doing field trials. RadioScape has used its unique, end-to-end systems knowledge of both broadcast systems and receiver modules to shrink this dramatically into a compact form factor, which is also less expensive than a solution using discrete pieces of third-party equipment. The new Monitoring Receiver comprises of a laptop with similarly sized unit that contains both a DAB/DMB/DAB-IP receiver and, uniquely, a Field Strength Monitor. This makes it highly portable and easy to use in a car, for example, for drive trials to map out reception strengths and bit-error rates in the field for network planning, diagnostics and feasibility.

“This new Monitoring Receiver provides an ideal means for broadcasters to easily monitor their DAB and Mobile TV transmissions,” said Nick Banks, RadioScape’s Product Manager for Digital Radio Infrastructure. “It supports a GPS receiver to provide precise location information such as speed over ground, latitude, longitude and GPS time that can be integrated with the reception data, for accurate mapping. This trial data can be logged, and then imported into a wide range of third-party mapping solutions. The unique high-accuracy field strength monitoring capability means that an external field strength monitoring device is no longer required – resulting in a significant cost saving.”

It can obtain a wide range of metrics from any ensemble within range, such as a real-time graph of actual bit errors rates, signal strength, sub-channel information display, time-based metrics, audio metrics, stream metrics, packet metrics, enhanced packet metrics, TII (Transmitter Identification Information) and MCI (Multiplex Configuration Information). The extensive metric graphs include simple moving average, exponential moving average, or peak decay with the ability to zoom and pan on snapshot metrics. The highly flexible nature of this solution enables users to easily customise alerts, displays, and error logging as required.

RadioScape’ end-to-end, digital radio technology has already been used in several DAB and DMB mobile multimedia trials in Asia and in Europe and, thanks to its unique, multi-standard capabilities, is being used for the Mobile TV trials, which are currently underway in the UK.

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