RadioScape extends Software Defined Radio solutions to additional DSP platforms

12th March 2007
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RadioScape has announced that it plans to extend the range of programmable semiconductor platforms that will support its proven software radio solutions. Having already had significant success in developing a broad range of software, module and subsystem solutions for the DAB digital radio market based on Texas Instruments DSP’s, the company believes that in emerging digital radio segments there will be demand for its proven stacks and applications for DAB, DMB, DAB-IP, DRM, FM and AM on other platforms. The first of these will be the Analog Devices Blackfin BF52x series of processors, announced today.
John Hall, RadioScape’s CEO, commented: “A significant strength of the Company, since inception 10 years ago, has been our ability through our Software Defined Radio (SDR) approach to quickly incorporate new standards as well as the embedded applications that make these standards user friendly in a consumer device. As digital radio finds its way in to all manner of consumer products such as cell phones, PCs, personal media players, in car entertainment systems, in addition to the more traditional radio products we see today, device manufacturers are looking for much more innovative solutions. In some cases this will simply be a software load for an embedded processor already in the consumer device, and in some cases it will be for the entire broadcast receiver subsystem. By extending our support for new platforms we will be able to satisfy a broader range of radio and mobile TV applications.”

In conjunction with the announcement by Analog Devices (ADI) today of its new BF52x family, RadioScape has announced that it has developed a highly integrated software implementation of its DAB baseband decoder and audio video decoder for this new platform to address the emerging mobile TV market. This has already been demonstrated to potential customers and initial products will be available later this year. (See separate release). This work paves the way to include the ADI platform across the range of RadioScape’s digital radio solutions in the future.

Hall added: “Our selection of additional platform partners is driven by two key considerations. First there has to be a great fit in terms of feature set and price against our roadmap requirements. Second, there has to be a strong alignment in strategic market focus between the two companies – we want our partners to be as committed to growing the digital radio and mobile TV sectors as we are. That means they will continue to invest in developing optimised silicon platforms for the future.”

Andrew Dewhurst, RadioScape’s Product Manager for Receiver Solutions, added: “The radio of the future will increasingly be part of a multi-standard, multi-media device. The challenges of supporting such broad functionality as well as the integration of the radio with other device features is significantly reduced through the SDR approach. We now have a highly portable code base and this gives us the opportunity to engage with other semiconductor partners as we develop our roadmap. This enables us to increasingly focus our resources on new applications and solutions for system level integration of digital radio.”

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