Radio test set alliance unveiled at Orlando show

16th August 2016
Mick Elliott

Automated test and alignment capabilities for KENWOOD Viking portable and mobile radios have been announced by Cobham and EF Johnson Technologies. This new capability is available on the Cobham 3920B and the 8800 Series Radio Test Sets. The automated test and alignment procedure provides fully automated test and alignment of KENWOOD Viking radios without the need for user interaction.

This test system ensures consistent and reliable tests and alignment to manufacturer-recommended specifications and to industry standards, ensuring proper interoperability and a uniform standard of performance within the radio’s network technology.

Cobham and EF Johnson Technologies announced this new option as part of their exhibitions at the 2016 APCO International annual conference in Orlando, Florida. 

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide this unique test technology for KENWOOD Viking radios on the 3920B and the 8800SX,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing at Cobham AvComm. “The 3920B and the 8800SX provide an advanced method for repeatable and highly accurate test and alignment for KENWOOD Viking radios that requires minimal technical interface.”

“Since the 3920B and the 8800SX provide fully automated tests and alignment processes, KENWOOD dealers and end users can now utilise their technical resources to provide higher value services,” said Bill Barr, Director of Technical Services at EFJohnson.

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