Price advantage claimed for logic controllers

13th July 2016
Mick Elliott

The portfolio of own-brand products at RS Components has been extended with the RS Pro range of logic controllers, which offer affordable basic control for applications such as packaging machines, light control, home automation and filling systems. Intelligent and communicative devices such as logic controllers are essential to build up smart factories, and almost every application in the industry uses a PLC or logic controller to provide the brains, which allows communication within the system and to communicate to a wider network.

Logic controllers are designed for small applications in building maintenance, but are also used to control small applications in industry.

Compared to a standard PLC, a logic controller usually comes with a reduced number of I/Os and a limited amount of function blocks in the software.

A logic controller also has the capability to replace several relays, timers or counters by combining all functions into one unit.

The RS Pro range is priced below the branded equivalents and consists of four controllers in variants with 12/24V DC and 110/240V AC both with and without an integrated display.

Two associated expansion modules are also available, which provide the control unit with additional I/Os (eight inputs and four outputs) and two companion RS485 communication modules that allow communication with external devices such as HMIs, as well as being suitable for integration into existing systems.

The logic controllers and the expansion modules also feature a robust housing that provides the option to mount the devices on a DIN rail to allow easy installation in switch cabinets and junction boxes.

The range also includes a logic module USB programming cable that supports the upload of programs from a PC and a memory module that allows the easy cloning of programs on to other RS Pro controllers without a PC.

RS also provides graphical programming software available as a free download; customers are thereby not forced to pay licence fees.

The new logic controllers will benefit maintainers, machine and panel builders, OEMs, process and building automation companies, as well as buyers concerned with finding effective good value alternatives to control a system or small applications while reducing overall costs. They are also perfect for students and young engineers to start to learn how to program industrial PLCs.

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