Plug-in tech upgrade brings peace of mind to motorists

5th September 2017
Lanna Cooper


A survey of motorists conducted by Smartdriverclub, the connected car service, has found that 1 in 4 has made the decision to delay buying their next car to help them manage their motoring costs. Other cost cutting measures include shopping around for motor insurance (63%), being more conscious of fuel use (48%) and even downsizing (16%).

With the cost of motor insurance continuing to climb, one motorist from Dorset has taken matters into her own hands by becoming a member of Smartdriverclub - not only to make her motoring more cost effective but safer too.

Daisy Bowman, a Doctor from Dorset said: “I have a Fiat 500 registered in 2012 which I tend to use for commuting to work and home to see my parents. I have a pretty busy life so it was incredibly useful to get a reminder from Smartdriverclub about my MOT which allowed me plenty of time to get my car booked in. The Crash Alert service also appealed to me. I hope I never have to use it but as a Doctor, I know speed of response in an accident can be critical so I really value the fact that Smartdriverclub has provided this reassuring service. If they see that I have had an accident and can’t reach me, they will call emergency services and tell them my exact location. It’s these kind of peace of mind benefits that I feel justify the monthly subscription and make it money well spent. The services are easy to view and manage using the Viewpoint app and the set up was pretty straightforward too.”

Smartdriverclub was launched by business woman, Penny Searles, from her offices in Portsmouth last summer. Searles wanted to give drivers of used cars all the benefits of connectivity.

Searles said: “Through a smart plug that takes less than two minutes to plug in, Smartdriverclub gives motorists a range of connected benefits including theft tracking, accident alerts, fault warnings, fuel tracking, business miles, plus the peace of mind of knowing where a family member’s car is located at any given time. At just £7.99* per month it brings older cars bang up to date and easily pays for itself in cost-savings. For example, the theft tracking alone if purchased separately could be from £300 per year and members who show they drive well could get up to 40% discount on their car insurance."

Once a customer joins Smartdriverclub, as a member, they will be sent a small device - the Smartplug - which they insert in an easily accessed socket, normally underneath the steering column. They can then view all of their Smartdriverclub services via their smartphone using the free Smartdriverclub app called ‘Viewpoint’ or online via their laptop or tablet device.

Smartdriverclub comprises the following services in one package:

My Mechanic - This will alert a motorist if a car problem crops up, suggest what they can do about it and find a local dealer they can talk to. This includes TAX and MOT reminders.

Crash Assistance - If the customer is in a collision and Smartdriverclub can’t reach the customer on their mobile phone, they will contact the emergency services and direct them to the location.

Stolen Car - An in-car tracker activated by the customer means that if it’s stolen, the Police should know exactly where to look.

My Driving - Motorists can save money on fuel costs by seeing how efficiently their car performs on each journey with a smart driving history that helps them manage fuel use.

My Deals - Customers can save money on everything from servicing to new tyres. Just tap through the app for the latest deal from their dealership.

Value My Car - Smartdriverclub provides a valuation of the customer’s car that’s actually based on their car so that they can use this instant price for better deals and finance.

Where Did I Park? - A handy little map is provided to those that have forgotten where they parked

Business Miles - Business drivers can accurately record their business vs personal miles and download the information directly into their expense forms, confident that it is validated information for mileage claims

Club Insurance -  Preferential rates for good drivers based on their driving behaviour, to ensure customers are not paying for the poor behaviour of others.

Customers sign up by calling 0333 772 0489.

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