Piezo Common Rail Injection Technology Runs for Commercial Vehicles Market in China

1st September 2011
ES Admin
Continental is now creating the conditions for making commercial vehicle drive systems in China cleaner, more economical and more efficient by transferring the know-how also to commercial vehicle applications.
The expertise of the Engine Systems business unit lies in particularly advanced electronically controlled injection systems for gasoline and diesel engines and their associated electronics.

As early as 2000, the piezo technology revolutionized common rail injection systems in diesel engines. The piezo injectors atomize the diesel fuel particularly finely and inject it even more accurately, producing a highly efficient combustion process.Due to China 4 emission restrictions, which will come into effect in China in 2012/13, commercial vehicles will have to reduce their CO2 emissions drastically by implementing a Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system or – the more cost efficient solution – by using the Continental PCR injection technology. “With our current PCR technology for light and medium duty vehicles, we meet China 4 emission restriction and can deliver capable solutions for China 5, which will come into action in several years” said Volker Warnecke, Senior Vice President of Powertrain China and Korea. With up to seven injections per revolution and pressures up to 1800 bar, Continental’s PCR technology allows a direct and accurate injection to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Compared to traditional diesel injection systems, Continental’s PCR can reduce fuel consumption by another two to three percent. Additionally, with Continental’s PCR, a SCR system or a particle filter for diesel engines can be dispensable and thus generating not only an eco friendly and efficient, but also economic solution as well.

Continental has already made excellent experience with the technology shift to commercial vehicle applications in the China, India and US… markets. There, the PCR technology is used in new diesel engines for middle duty commercial vehicles developed for the respective market.

Continental is a leading international supplier of common-rail systems, high-pressure pumps, and injecter. Even smallest quantities of fuel must be metered with absolute precision. The processes that Continental has developed allow diesel injection systems to operate with this degree of precision, robustly and reliably, over their entire service life. Especially PCR is a million times field proven technology, for which Continental can guarantee best quality, both on the passenger and on the commercial vehicles market - worldwide.

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