PerkinElmer Launches New DigiPile Family of Digital Thermopiles for Thermometry, Pyrometry and Non-Contact Temperature Sensing Applications

9th November 2010
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PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, today announced the debut of its new DigiPile(TM) Family of Digital Thermopiles.
The new DigiPile family is the latest in digital infrared sensing innovations from one of the world's leaders in detection and illumination. It provides OEM designers with reduced space requirements on printed circuit boards, requires fewer additional components, and provides improved resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The new DigiPile Family contributes to human and environmental health with a range of applications, from clinical to safety uses, including thermometry, for temperature measurement in clinical thermometers among other applications, pyrometry, for detection of on object's surface temperature, and non-contact temperature sensing, to detect temperature of objects from a distance. We continue to make great strides in digital infrared sensing technology innovations with our new expansion of the 'DIGI' portfolio, said Michael Ersoni, vice president and general manager of PerkinElmer's global detection business. The new DigiPile thermopile technology gives our OEMs more reliable digital design functionality, helping them save space and money and bring innovative new products to market faster.

Models in the DigiPile Family include a thermopile infrared detector and a proprietary digitizing circuit (ADC) and will be available in 2011 in various types including TO-type metal housings and SMD housings.

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