Perforce Software Introduces Advanced Web and Multimedia Visualisation to its Award Winning SCM System

20th July 2009
ES Admin
Perforce Software announced the availability of release 2009.1 of its Software Configuration Management system. The latest version features support for previewing web pages and multimedia files, as well as the ability to customise the cross-platform interface to individual requirements.
With this release, web developers and artists can immediately preview changes to web, video, and audio content from within Perforce’s cross-platform graphical interface, the Perforce Visual Client. A preview tab in the Perforce Visual Client automatically displays the version of the content selected by the user.

“This advancement rounds out our visualisation capabilities and gets us another step closer to bringing the full power of configuration management to everyone,” said Dave Robertson, director of European operations for Perforce Software.

Customising Perforce Functionality for Specific Departments and Users

Administrators can now customise Perforce’s menu options for specific departments or users (for example, artists, developers, testers, and administrators).

“The SCM needs of the engineering department vary greatly from those required by the marketing and legal departments for example,” explained Chanter. “Through system customisation, we can optimise usability and offer the appropriate level of features and functions to each discipline or department throughout the enterprise.”

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