Partnership to accelerate smartphone sensor deployment

7th January 2016
Joe Bush

A new partnership has been announced between i-BLADES, the developer of Smartcase Platform (the smartphone case with hidden embedded micro-processing technology), and Bosch Sensortec that aims to accelerate the deployment of sensor technology to smartphone users.

Bosch Sensortec will integrate its BME680 integrated environmental sensor into the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform. By leveraging the i-BLADES Platform, Bosch Sensortec environmental sensors can be rapidly deployed to millions of existing smartphones in use today, capitalising on the ubiquitous use of phone cases with smartphones.

The Bosch BME680 is an integrated environmental sensor of 3x3mm² that gives consumers instant feedback on ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and indoor air quality. With the built-in BME680 sensor the i-BLADES Smartcase enables users to proactively manage wellness, vitality and comfort through their smartphone screen - all with minimal battery power consumption, while delivering reliable accuracy compared to sensors integrated directly within smartphones.

“By leveraging the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform, we at Bosch Sensortec can accelerate market deployment of our sensors and can collect market and usage data faster and in a diversity of smartphone solutions,” said Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO of Bosch Sensortec. “This product is a perfect example that can benefit from our highly integrated environmental sensor solution.”

When a smartphone is inserted into the i-BLADES Smartcase, the Smartcase becomes a dynamic expansion platform enabling new functionality, such as sensors, battery packs, memory, security features and more, to be added to the smartphone.

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