Partnership aims for secure, intelligent vehicle networking

7th October 2015
Jordan Mulcare

NXP Semiconductors and Siemens have announced a partnership for secure, intelligent vehicle networking. Siemens will use technology from NXP Semiconductors and Cohda Wireless for secure communication of vehicles with surrounding traffic infrastructure. Siemens will deploy NXP technology for various ITS field tests and pilot projects, including the A58 motorway in the Netherlands, A9 motorway in Germany and the Living Lab in Austria.

Siemens expects to globally deploy transport infrastructure such as overhead sign gantries and traffic lights in its RoadSide Units (RSUs). RSUs are 802.11p WLAN-based radio modules that reliably and securely transmit information such as speed limits, warnings of icy roads or other dangerous situations, traffic jams and construction warnings within a fraction of a second to passing vehicles and traffic control centers. The successful adoption of vehicle to infrastructure technologies is expected to significantly reduce traffic congestion, reduces vehicle accidents and lower auto-related pollution.

NXP will be a strategic supplier to Siemens of the secure WLAN-based radio chipsets for the roadside units. NXP’s V2V and V2I products have built-in harden security elements to ensure personal data privacy, prevent hacking or the manipulation of the vehicle and infrastructure systems. Cohda Wireless, of which NXP is a major shareholder, provides hardware and software development services and products for the roadside units, based on Siemens’ long-standing ITS knowhow and development specifications. Cohda also ensures maximum communication reliability and quality, even in challenging reception conditions such as between tall buildings.

"Siemens has devoted years developing traffic signals systems and communication modules designed for optimum interaction between car and intelligent infrastructure. The RoadLINK portfolio of our new partner NXP includes a high-performance radio chipset with hardware security. As one of the world's largest automotive semiconductor suppliers, NXP also enhances our infrastructure expertise through the company's wealth of automotive know-how and strong customer and partner network,” said Daniel Hobohm, Head of Product Lifecycle Management, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Siemens.

"We are extremely pleased to have Siemens on board as our partner for the growth market of Intelligent Transport Systems. The pilot projects Communicating Cars and Intelligent Traffic Lights for SmartPort Hamburg launched over a year ago marked the beginning of an intensive cooperation and now we are looking forward to our first business results. Infrastructure equipment providers like Siemens are key growth drivers for V2X technology, as they create unique and directly usable added value for drivers – such as saving time spent in traffic jams. These benefits are especially important in the rollout phase before the technology has been integrated into a critical mass of vehicles", said Torsten Lehmann, Senior Vice President and Head of Infotainment & Driver Assistance, NXP Semiconductors.

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