Online portal combines real time insights with simple user interface

25th June 2019
Lanna Cooper

Tappit has recently launched Tappit Insights. The comprehensive, online portal combines real time actionable insights with a simple user interface, taking data analysis to the next level. Tappit Insights will empower event organisers and venue owners, helping them to make informed decisions, and improve the overall event experience for fans.

Tappit Insights has been specifically created to address the needs of the global events business and has been borne from the pain points felt by all event professionals: managing footfall, improving operational efficiency, recognising retail trends, and directly connecting purchasing and consumption habits to fans - something that cannot happen with traditional payment methods.

With Tappit Insights, clients get immediate access to in-depth analysis of spending and behavioural trends. The clear dashboard and easy-to-read reports, enable event organisers to gain instant access to sales and transaction statistics throughout the duration of the event, as well as the ability to map and compare fans’ spending behaviour over time.

Furthermore, through the detailed spend analysis reporting, organisers and venue owners can explore granular vendor and product sales data that is directly linked to fans. Most importantly, the dashboard helps organisers see vital numbers at a glance, including spend and wristband load, enabling promoters to quickly digest purchase intent and potential revenue from the event ahead of time.

The creation of Tappit Insights has been bolstered by Tappit’s extensive global experience working with clients across a range of industries, from world-renowned festivals through to football clubs, international sporting events and major conferences. The suite will also be able to provide industry benchmarks, supplying an insight into sales trends across event types and allowing organisers to analyse how their own event is performing against others in their industry and territory.

The dashboard also provides unique insights that will help reduce overheads, increase profits and bring event organisers closer to fans by better understanding their individual preferences and behaviours. Tappit Insights is a significant step forward for organisers, giving Tappit’s event partners access to rich data-driven insight and allowing them to improve the fan experience and create their own ecosystems.

Using the dashboard also enables greater personalisation and engagement of event audiences, opening new doors to marketing segmentation, smart loyalty schemes and event gamification.

Jason Thomas, CEO commented: “We’ve always been passionate about empowering event organisers through data and insights, which is why we have created a platform that combines rich data sets with market-leading levels of event experience and client services. Traditional payment methods, like contactless and cash, have long left organisers and venues in the dark when it comes to behaviour and sales data. We’re incredibly proud to place this level of insight directly into event organisers’ hands, shedding light on previously inaccessible data and will allow them to build and enhance their own internal ecosystems.”

Jason Dean, CTO said: “Tappit Insights unifies data sets in a consumable and logical way that hasn’t been seen before, allowing event organisers to easily track attendees’ purchasing patterns and analyse behavioural trends to help them make strategic decisions about both present and future events. Organisers and venues can ensure they’re on track with sales targets while an event is happening, time-poor general managers can use the data to evaluate the most profitable vendors, and marketers can increase their understanding of customer habits to better capitalise on buyer behaviour.”

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