ON Semiconductor to Present its Latest Semiconductor Solutions at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2013”

24th May 2013
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ON Semiconductor, driving innovation in energy efficiency, will present its latest automotive semiconductor solutions at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2013, from May 22-24 at the Pacifico Yokohama.
A team of experienced engineering experts from ON Semiconductor and the company’s SANYO Semiconductor division will be available to discuss and demonstrate a broad range of solutions for near-future automobiles, and introduce new products that play key roles throughout automotive electronics.

“ON Semiconductor leads the industry by delivering innovative silicon technology that significantly improves power factor, efficiency in active state, and power consumption in standby state for a wide range of products including automotive subsystems, white goods, smartphones, and lighting devices,” said Akihiro Sato, general manager, Field Application Engineering Department of SANYO Semicon Device Co. – which is ON Semiconductor’s sales company in Japan. “For automotive customers, we are committed to the continued development of a wide variety of targeted solutions from body electronics and powertrain to LED lighting and infotainment applications.”

The products and solutions to be demonstrated and discussed at the Automotive Engineering Exposition include the following:

Body and Powertrain
The STK984-09 is a 3-phase BLDC motor driver hybrid integrated circuit (HIC) that features a pre-driver and power MOSFET. It incorporates shunt register, thermistor, and various protective functions against over-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage, featuring low-voltage operation. Optimized for use in automotive radiators, blower fans, and water pumps, this device makes the design of BLDC motor drive circuit easy and reduces the PCB area.

The NCV7729 is an intelligent, fully protected H−Bridge Driver designed specifically for control of DC and stepper motors in safety critical applications in automotive and industrial environments. It is an optimum driver IC for electronic throttle control (ETC), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and other automotive functions.

ON Semiconductor has a long history of designing and manufacturing application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and today offers both mixed-signal and digital ASIC solutions to leading manufacturers in a variety of markets including automotive, medical, industrial, mil/aero, and communication. The company’s ASIC technology addresses diverse automotive devices including sensors, interfaces for high-voltage applications, key-less entry, IVNs such as CAN/LIN, and power management applications.

LED Lighting Products
The NCV78663 is a high efficient smart dual LED driver designed for automotive front lighting applications like high beam, low beam, daytime running light (DRL), turn indicator, fog light, and so on. The NCV78663 provides a solution to drive two strings up to 60 V with minimum external components.

Infotainment Products
The LC717A00AR is a capacitance-digital-converter LSI for electrostatic capacitive touch sensors. Achieving high sensitivity and high noise immunity, it detects the ON/OFF state of each input and outputs the appropriate result without the need for any additional components or control software. Low cost design is possible because the price of one switch is comparable to a tactile switch.

The LC74900 is a LCD processor LSI for small size display that can input digital video signals from the main controller to display on the car navigation screen. It is optimized for car navigation systems and display audio systems, featuring a variety of picture quality adjustment functions for enhanced video quality and content-adaptive backlight control (CABC) for reducing power consumption.

Please visit ON Semiconductor at Booth 178.

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