Numerous High-end Conferences Scheduled for NEPCON South China 2012 Authoritative and Informative Seminars Are Planned

21st August 2012
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NEPCON South China 2012 will take place between August 28 and August 30, 2012 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, with more than 10 high-end industry authoritative conferences concurrently held by the organizing committee. It is reported that the “Society of Automotive Engineers Congress Asia” and other subject events will be exposed for the first time to visitors.

Focusing on providing high-level conferences and an exhibition simultaneously has long allowed NEPCON South China to be an authoritative resource in South China’s electronic production equipment and electronics manufacturing industry. The organizer has always made constant innovations in professional conferences to help participants get a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the development trends of the electronics manufacturing industry market.

During NEPCON South China 2012, a large number of senior professionals will attend the serial professional conferences, which are co-created with enormous effort by the organizer and the industry’s leading organizations, to participate in detailed discussions on the important topics of the status quo and trends of the current industrial technology, the electronics industry and manufacturing, etc., which is expected to stir up a brainstorm of the best ways to promote technology, innovation, capability and service quality that will take China’s electronics manufacturing industry to a new level.

SAE Congress Asia Makes Its Debut in South China
The “Society of Automotive Engineers Congress Asia” (hereinafter referred to as SAE Congress Asia) will debut at NEPCON South China 2012. Automobile industry scholars from both home and abroad as well as top-notch vehicles and parts enterprises will gather at this SAE Congress Asia, discussing in-depth the highly sophisticated topics of components and parts manufacturing and electric automobile, etc. and sharing the latest technology and industry trends.

SAE Congress Asia, a high-level automobile manufacturing industry summit, is co-created by Reed Exhibitions and SAE International Hong Kong, and has been held twice. During these two years, with the theme of “Drives for Greener Lives” and ”Low Carbon Mobility”, SAE Congress Asia has launched a series of high-end forums focusing on some hot topics such as the development direction of the automobile industry, manufacturing technology of the key components and parts, etc., resulting in wide recognition.

The last two editions of SAE Congress Asia attracted nearly 500 automobile, first- and second-class components, and parts suppliers as well as materials manufacturers, including GAC GROUP, Lotus Cars, Haima Automobile, Huanyu Automobile, Geely Automobile, Hong Kong China Light & Power Limited, LithiumForce Holdings Ltd., Belton Group, BYD, Sapa Heat Transfer Shanghai Ltd., SNTO, WielandMetals and more, discussing the automobile industry’s cutting=edge technology and sharing their experiences in different fields.

With the theme of “Green Mobility”, this year’s SAE Congress Asia will launch high-end dialogues centering on the new trend of OEM manufacturing and the electric automobile, charging systems, and setting standards for electric automobiles, green fuel, new materials and other popular topics.

SMTA Gets to the Heart of SMT Trends
SMTA China South Technical Conference has become the landmark in South China’s SMT field. SMTA will hold the SMTA China South Technical Conference 2012 during the exhibition, which will probe into the key topics of industry concern, including high-tech seminars, technical workshops, SMTA Engineer Certification Programs, SMTA Hong Kong Annual Golf Competition, etc.

During this technical conference, top experts from all over the world will publish numerous papers concerning electronics assembly/manufacturing, industry/technology roadmap, business focus, emerging technologies, practical skills development, lead-free and its reliability, and more.

ESD Gains Increasing Attention
With the social and technological development, miniaturization and lightweight have become the mainstream trend of electronics. However, the miniaturization of electronic components makes even more demanding requests to electrostatic control: antistatic clothes, floors and wrist straps simply cannot meet the ESD requests in the miniaturization age. ESD protection areas and systems have become the prerequisite for the further development of electronics manufacturing and processing enterprises.

In view of the constant innovation of production technology and the sustained rapid growth of the industry in China’s microelectronics manufacturing, semiconductor, automotive electronics, medical treatment and communication electronics, enterprises have more demands in ESD products and services with each passing day.

As an important part of this year’s event, Reed Exhibitions joins with China Electronic Instrument Industry Association ESD Equipment Branch to hold the “ESD Technical Forum” in conjunction with NEPCON South China 2012, establishing a professional exchange platform for the application development of ESD technology.

Automobile Electronics Embraces Robust Development
China has replaced America as the world’s largest automobile market. Data shows that the market scale of China’s automotive electronics topped 300 billion Yuan in 2011. Additionally, according to the research report of iSuppli, the sales of China’s automotive electronics are estimated to reach 29.9 billion USD in 2015, presenting significant market potential.

The rapid growth of China’s auto market helps to facilitate the increase of China’s automotive electronics market. It is estimated that in the next five years, the cost of automotive electronics in China’s traditional auto market will grow from 18.6% to 32%, while in the new-energy auto field, the cost is expected to hit over 45%, bringing many opportunities and challenges to the automotive electronics manufacturing industry.

EDN CHINA will team with NEPCON again this year to hold an informative Automotive Electronics Forum 2012, which will invite some leading semiconductor and component suppliers to expound on the latest technology, products and solutions of automotive electronics to the attendees.

It is learned that some leading IC and component manufacturers and industry experts from Fairchild Semiconductor, Fujitsu Electronics, Freescale, LeCroy, CSR, Texas Instruments, etc. will present the latest technology, products and solutions of automotive electronics to the attendees.

Additionally, the “Full Credit Electronic Component Purchasing Meeting”, “SMTe 2012 Anniversary and 10th Member Gathering”, “SMTe Senior Talent Gathering, School & Enterprise Matchmaking Event”, “Engineer Salon and SMT Home Member Gathering” along with some classic activities will take place during NEPCON South China 2012.

Josephine Lee, Senior Vice President of Reed, said: “We have been dedicated to the development of the industry and the innovation of NEPCON. With the brand new positioning and strategy upgrading of NEPCON based on industry and location, and to satisfy the demand and expectation of the exhibitors and visitors toward this professional platform, NEPCON has made constant innovation in its professional activities, which will definitely provide a top-class and unprecedented exhibition experience for China’s SMT and electronics manufacturing industry and the overseas supporting organizations.”

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