NMI's CEO receives doctorate at University of Glasgow

7th July 2010
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The University of Glasgow has today awarded an honorary doctorate to Derek Boyd, CEO of the UK semiconductor industry's trade body, the NMI (National Microelectronics Institute). The accolade, a D. Univ (doctor of the university) was received at the university's faculty of engineering graduation ceremony and was presented by the Principal, Professor Anton Muscatelli.
Introducing Derek to the graduation hall Professor Asen Asenov of the University of Glasgow's device modelling group (DMG), said the award was given in recognition of the achievements Derek has made and overseen as CEO of NMI. In particular he highlighted NMI's strong engagement with the UK universities as a whole and a somewhat special relationship with Glasgow University.

Asenov added Support from Derek and the NMI have helped the DMG become one of the most successful groups of its kind worldwide.

John Moor, VP of design innovation at NMI added: Derek is passionate about supporting the diverse needs of the semiconductor industry, doing all that is possible to help it be competitive on the world stage. In his time as CEO he has worked tirelessly to inform policy makers on the sector's economic importance, been instrumental in setting up a portfolio of innovation networks, a future skills foundation and helped member companies save millions of pounds through productivity and efficiency initiatives. I'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate him on the award.

Derek Boyd said that he was delighted to receive the recognition yet stressed that the achievements are down to a solid team drawn from industry that has engaged all stakeholders to shine a spotlight on the things that truly matter. As a result we've seen membership grow 10 fold across a diverse range of organisations from the electronics sector.

The University of Glasgow is renowned as a hub for innovation and has been a home to many distinguished engineers, including James Watt, Lord Kelvin and John Logie Baird.

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