Sustained Growth in Electronics Manufacturing driven by Medical Electronics

6th August 2012
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Despite the grim international economy, China’s electronics manufacturing industry remains on an upward trajectory. According to data issued by the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology on July 4, between January and May 2012, the value add to China’s electronics manufacturing industry saw a year-on-year rise of 13.1%. The sales value hit RMB 3.17 trillion (USD 498 billion), up 11.2% over the same period last year.

Emerging markets like medical electronics are key to sustained growth in China’s electronics manufacturing industry. NEPCON South China 2012, which will take place between August 28 and August 30 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, will heavily feature such applications to highlight how these have become a major direction for producers of electronics manufacturing equipment.

Driven by sustainable development in China’s economy, and the state’s emphasis on building medical service systems, among other factors, China’s medical electronics market will see sustained and steady growth for years to come. The CAGR will reach approximately 20%. Statistics from Espicom, a market research firm, confirm that the market scale of China’s medical electronics in 2011 neared RMB 50 billion (USD 7.8 billion).

CCID Consulting, another research institute, delivered optimistic estimates for China’s medical electronics market. Based on its Strategic Study of China’s Medical Electronics Industry, the market scale of the country’s medical electronics will jump from RMB 40.31 billion (USD 6.3 billion) in 2010 to RMB 69.25 billion (USD 10.9 billion) in 2013.

Unlike the volatile consumer electronics market, medical electronics remains stable. Though the period of investment return is relatively long, this field can provide more consistent, longer-lasting returns than others. Statistics from the National Development & Reform Commission show that by the end of September 2011, the gross industrial output value of China’s medical apparatus and instruments industry had reached RMB 98.5 billion (USD 9.9 billion). The same year, the annual industrial sales revenue hit RMB 135.4 billion (USD 21.3 billion), a year-on-year growth of 26.6%.

Numerous manufacturers from semiconductor, EMS and OEM companies are attracted by the huge market potential and stable returns of the medical electronics market. Of these, electronics manufacturing industry giants like Philips, GE, Siemens and Sony, among several others, will be on-site at NEPCON South China.

The medical electronics industry has been a major component of NEPCON exhibitions in recent years. As medical electronics technology develops its electronics, information, internet and intellectual capabilities, NEPCON South China 2012 will assemble the best of this field’s new technologies, products and equipment. Industry professionals will be able to conduct technical exchange and negotiate business deals on-site, thus establishing an important platform for medical electronics consumers to learn about the latest applications and buy appropriate medical electronics manufacturing equipment and systems.

Xue Huiling, Assistant Manager of Polar Electro Guangzhou’s PMC Department, said, “As many of the leading suppliers in electronics manufacturing will be at NEPCON South China, we believe that the cutting-edge technologies and equipment that will be on display will play a significant role in maintaining our lead in the industry. This has reinforced our decision to visit the exhibition.”

Wei Kaiyun, Manager of Mindray Medical International Limited’s Automation Testing Department, added, “We are experts in R&D and manufacturing of clinical medical equipment. As such we have a great need for production equipment and materials. This August, we will visit NEPCON South China to gain a clear understanding of future development trends in the medical electronics industry.”

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