Navigating through the energy efficiency maze

28th June 2019
Lanna Cooper


With a continuing focus on energy efficiency, Legrand UK has launched a new guide that outlines the key efficiency drivers and the range of products and solutions on offer, to help specifiers to select from the options available to them, relative to their budget.

The eight-page guide, entitled ‘Navigating through the energy efficiency maze’ explores the key drivers of energy efficiency, providing a simple four-step vision of how to approach an energy efficiency plan, before going on to explore some of the key technologies that can help to make it happen.

Mitra Goodger, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Manager for Legrand UK and Ireland, said: “Lean growth is at the heart of the UK Government’s industrial strategy and Legrand has many products that can help businesses to reduce their energy usage in everyday tasks.”

From lighting management distribution systems, to electrical power distribution via busbar technology and on to cast resin transformers, providing both cost and environmental advantages - there are numerous products available to meet the needs of each and every application.

Mitra continued: “For specifiers and those working throughout the construction industry, understanding the importance of efficiency in buildings is a vital part of day-to-day operations, but keeping abreast of all the available products and potential payback that they can bring, can be difficult and often requires a phased approach.”

This paper is designed to arm specifiers with the information they need to find the right solutions for a project. From the basics of energy efficiency to an outline of the technology that can help them to achieve increased energy savings and greater efficiencies - the guide is designed to help. Legrand also offer an energy efficiency CPD seminar.

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