Napatech To Demo 20G Capture And Replay At Interop Show

28th September 2010
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Napatech will demonstrate full real-time 20Gbps packet capture and replay, as well as full 20Gbps traffic generation at the upcoming Interop New York show from the 18th to 22nd October. The demonstrations will showcase Napatech’s new NT20E2 2x10Gbps intelligent network analysis adapter based on PCI-Express Gen 2.
“When we say full 20Gbps capture or traffic generation, we mean for all Ethernet frame sizes, not just 1500 byte frames”, said Erik Norup, President, Napatech Inc. “Smaller frame sizes are common and used in many applications, such as VoIP, which have a higher need for real-time network monitoring and analysis. At the same time, there is also a need for more affordable solutions based on standard components. With our 20Gbps traffic generation capabilities, we enable an extremely cost effective packet blasting solution with very high performance.”

At the show, Napatech will demonstrate how an OEM can build a high-performance packet capture & replay system based on a standard server using Napatech’s NT20E2. The NT20E2 provides the intelligence to efficiently balance data processing over multiple CPU cores while also enabling pre-processing of data, such as filtering. It also provides nanosecond precision time-stamping inserted on capture, which can be used to build better packet capture & replay systems. Replay is based on the individual packet time stamp, and can optionally be slowed down or accelerated.

“With the NT20E2, we make building high-performance network appliances a lot easier for our customers”, added Norup. “The NT20E2 takes care of data traffic, presenting it to the application in exactly the right way using less than 5% of the system’s resources. Standard servers now provide enough processing power to handle even the most demanding applications, which leaves our OEM customers free to concentrate on what they do best, namely state-of-the-art network monitoring, analysis, test and security.”

Visit Napatech at Interop New York at stand #455.

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