Napatech expands based on growth in 10G Real-time analysis

5th October 2010
ES Admin
Napatech has today opened a new sales office in Washington D.C. to support local OEM customers. This follows expansion of Napatech’s offices in Andover, Massachusetts and Copenhagen, Denmark with a 30% increase in staff globally over the last year.
“We are seeing growth in all areas driven by an increased awareness of the need for real-time network analysis in Ethernet and IP networks, particularly 10G networks”, according to Henrik Brill Jensen, CEO, Napatech. “We are also seeing a range of new and exciting applications for our network products and technology which are opening new doors for us. These include in-line network security, QoS monitoring and network optimization”.

Napatech has now deployed over 70,000 Ethernet ports for real-time network monitoring and analysis. Today 10 Gbps accounts for a large and growing proportion of network adapters sold.

“Internet traffic is still growing between 40% and 60% per year. This means double the traffic within 2 years and 10 times the traffic within 6 years. This is one of the reasons behind the growth of 10 Gbps networks, which will also drive 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps”, added Henrik Brill Jensen. “The services offered on the Internet are becoming more advanced and more demanding, such as IPTV and video, and also cloud computing services. The combination of complex services offered at high speed requires real-time network monitoring and analysis intelligence in Internet and IP networks.”

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