Murata's Ionizer suits Clean Air Applications

19th March 2007
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Just announced by Murata is the MHM series of ionizers, designed specifically for air conditioning applications in the white goods, automotive and industrial sectors. The MHM series ionizers require considerably lower voltages than competitive devices, yet by delivering comparable performance, they are proving particularly efficient.
The ionising device can generate negative or positive ions, or both, by applying either a negative DC voltage of –2.8kV DC or a positive high voltage of 3.0kV (compared to 5 to 6kV DC for competitive units). Both positive and negative ions can be generated by connecting to an AC voltage. Of particular interest in the consumer sector, the Murata ionizer can also be used to suppress ozone generation by controlling leakage current, and if necessary, it can generate ozone. It can be supplied in kit form, complete with power supply.

The MHM ionizer will appeal to designers of home appliances, such as domestic air conditioning units, air cleaner/filter units, dust traps and air dryers. In the automotive sector, its lower voltage operation will be useful for car air conditioning systems.

In industry, it will find application in the food processing sector in deodorising units and bacteria eliminators, and in a wide range of manufacturing sites for neutralising chemical vapours and smoke, and in static elimination equipment.

Murata’s MHM Series ionizers are now in volume production and are readily available in production quantities from 1000 pieces upwards. Price depends on volume ordered, but is in the region of 54p to 68p each (0.79 to 1€) and delivery time is 2 to 3 months. The units are fully RoHS compliant.

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