‘Movement’ mural celebrates opening of UK’s Transport Design Centre

7th June 2017
Anna Flockett

A mural called ‘Movement’ has been unveiled at Coventry University’s National Transport Design Centre (NTDC), which was created by Jaguar’s Director of Design, Ian Callum. The mural marks the NTDC opening and Ian Callum’s 17x10m work of art highlights the importance of considering all elements of transport design. It has been inspired by the ‘flow’ of an object through air and represents a vehicle in motion.

Callum said: “I was inspired from a young age by design and transport, because they both hugely affect everyone’s everyday lives. As designers we are given the opportunity to create products that are desirable and enjoyable as well as functional and purposeful – that requires great discipline but is uniquely satisfying.”

Callum’s involvement with the NTDC and Coventry University is set to continue as he was awarded a Visiting Professorship by Professor John Latham, Vice-Chancellor at Coventry University. Callum has highlighted the importance of working with younger people because these freer-thinking designers can bring fresh approaches to all elements of transport design.

Callum said: “It’s vitally important that those in the industry work with students – they have grown up in the digital world so they see things differently – and they will be designing the products of tomorrow. Our experience combined with their insight and enthusiasm can often lead to moments of brilliance.”

The spectacular mural can be viewed from Miles Lane and the National Transport Design Centre is located on Coventry’s Technology Park off Swift Road. The NTDC was officially opened on 25th May, and covers all forms of transport design from automotive and rail, through to marine and aerospace, and provides a key link between design and manufacturing.

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