Digital isolator options ease board layout

7th December 2014
Mick Elliott

Maxim Integrated’s new 5kVRMS MAX14934, MAX14935, and MAX14936 Four Channel Digital Isolators transfer digital signals between circuits with flexible signal direction pin configurations at temperatures up to +125°C and can withstand repetitive peak voltages of up to 1200V. The devices, available from Mouser Electronics, offer three different channel directional configurations for board layout convenience.

The MAX14934 features all four channels transferring digital signals in the same direction for applications such as isolating digital I/O. The MAX14935 has three channels transmitting data in the same direction and the fourth channel in the opposite direction, making it ideal for some bi-directional digital applications such as isolating serial communication. The MAX14936 provides further design flexibility with two channels in each direction for isolating bi-directional RS-232 and similar applications.     

The product family provides galvanic isolation for digital signals that are transmitted between two ground domains. Up to 1200V (peak) of continuous isolation is provided, as well as being able to withstand transient differences of up to 5kVRMS for up to 60 seconds.

These digital isolators are available with variants that can handle data rates from DC up to 1Mbps, 25Mbps, or 150Mbps. Each digital isolator is also available in either a default high or default low configuration. The default is the state an output goes to when its input is unpowered.     

The MAX14934, MAX14935, and MAX14936 are available in a 16-pin wide body (10.3mm x 7.5mm) SOIC package rated for operation at ambient temperatures of -40°C to +125°C. These digital isolators target rugged applications such as industrial automation communications, isolating serial communications such as SPI, RS‑232, and RS‑485/422, battery management, and medical systems.


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