Sensor module embraces variety of applications

13th May 2015
Mick Elliott

The B5T HVC face detection sensor module is now available from Mouser Electronics. The fully-integrated Human Vision Component (HVC) plug-in module is based on the Omron OKAO vision image sensing technology, a set of image recognition routines that can identify faces with speed and accuracy. The module integrates unique image sensing algorithms developed for speed and consistency of response, using an onboard camera that measures just 60mm x 40mm.

The module includes a camera and a processor with a UART and USB interfaces. The UART and USB interfaces control the module and send the data output to an external system. The B5T can capture, detect and recognise a face from a distance of 1.3 meters in 1.1 seconds, providing a confidence level to reflect the degree of accuracy. Blink and gaze estimation takes under one second.

The module can even evaluate a subject’s emotional mood based on one of five programmed expressions. It can detect a human body up to 2.8 m away and a hand at a distance of 1.5 m. The detection angle of the module is specified as 49° horizontal and 37° vertical, with an input image resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.     

Ten different sensing functions are incorporated in Module for recognizing intentions and conditions of people from a variety of perspectives.

Available functions include 1) face detection, 2) human body detection, 3) gender detection, 4) age estimation, 5) gaze estimation, 6) facial pose estimation, 7) facial recognition, 8) estimation of facial expressions (including satisfied, unsatisfied, and five different expressions: happiness, surprise, anger, sadness, and neutral), 9) hand detection, and 10) blink estimation. All these image analysis processes are handled within the module itself, and all the user needs to do is to mount the module on the equipment to determine the person’s condition and facial expression.     

The image analysis technology in the Face Detection Sensor Module can be used in a variety of sensing and Internet of Things applications.

Other applications include air conditioners that can automatically adjust temperature to a person’s comfort level; lighting and security products with efficient automatic control depending on the presence of people and their movements; vending machines that suggest products to matches the preference of a specific consumer; home appliances controllable by hand movements; robots that react to facial expressions of users; and cars that prevent drowsy or inattentive driving by recognizing signs of fatigue in the driver’s face.

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