MOST welcomes Microchip's MOST150 interface announcement

28th February 2014
Staff Reporter

MOST has welcomed Microchip Technology’s decision to make its MOST150 Data Link Layer Specification available for license on a royalty-bearing basis, as announced in a press release on November 13, 2013. 

"In October 2007, SMSC and Harman/Becker started opening the data link layer by announcing that a detailed Data Link Layer specification for the first generation, MOST25, had been made available and could be requested," stated Rainer Klos, MOST Cooperation Administrator. "MOSTCO very much appreciates that Microchip is now continuing this process by giving other semiconductor companies the opportunity to develop, manufacture and supply chips with a MOST150 interface."

Carmakers Endorse Continued Opening of MOST Data Link Layers

"Audi welcomes Microchip's decision to license their MOST150 Data Link Layer intellectual property to other semiconductor manufacturers," said Stephan Esch, Head of Vehicle Networking, Technical Development at AUDI AG. "Since the first implementation of MOST25 in an Audi car in 2002, MOST has become the established standard for the networking of premium infotainment systems at Audi. The latest generation, MOST150, was recently released on the street in the Audi A3 and VW Golf and will be introduced throughout the Volkswagen range of vehicles. In Microchip's commitment we see a further step to make complementary technologies more widely available and spreading the adoption of MOST. Due to this opening step, the semiconductor industry has the chance to design optimized products, enabling more competition."

"From Daimler's perspective, Microchip's program to license MOST150 Data Link Layer on a commercially reasonable basis will support further spread of the MOST Technology and allow for additional innovation and competition," stated Dieter Seidl, Head of Telematics Architecture at Daimler AG. "MOST150 has been implemented in the brand-new generation of the S-Class, and the technology will subsequently be rolled out onto all other Mercedes-Benz car lines, step by step. In order to disseminate new generations of MOST Technology, it is essential that we increase the number of companies that can manufacture MOST compatible parts."

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