MOST selected for use in Volvo XC90

18th May 2015
Jordan Mulcare

MOST is pleased to announce that Volvo has integrated the MOST150 into its Volvo XC90. Along with a high bandwidth of 150Mbit/s, the MOST features an isochronous transport mechanism to support extensive video applications, as well as an Ethernet channel for efficient transport of IP-based packet data.

This channel carries Ethernet packets according to IEEE 802.3. Thus, standard TCP/IP stacks can be used without change. In consequence, the latest-gen MOST provides the automotive-ready physical layer for Ethernet in the car.

Volvo’s XC90 is the first car in its range built on the SPA modular chassis technology developed in-house. For seamless smartphone integration, the XC90 offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which brings selected features and services familiar to smartphone users directly into the car via the center console touch screen display. Users will immediately recognise the well-known icons for their basic applications, such as phone, messages, music and navigation.

"Proceeding on its path of success, MOSTCO celebrates the growing acceptance of the automotive network standard, now with the implementation by key carmaker Volvo," stated Henry Muyshondt, Administrator, MOST. "With Volvo, we are pleased to welcome the fourth carmaker already embracing MOST150, following Audi, Daimler and Hyundai. Accordingly, Volvo is taking advantage of the MOST network concept, which is inherently scalable and extendable with respect to speed and the amount and characteristics of the data channels."

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