Milestone reached for cumulative shipments of display driver ICs

5th August 2019
Alex Lynn

MagnaChip has surpassed the 500 million milestone in cumulative shipments of OLED DDICs (Display Driver ICs). OLED display drivers are low-power devices that offer excellent screen resolution with deep and bright colours that do not require a backlight and enable full-screen and thinner smartphones.

MagnaChip first introduced the OLED DDIC in 2003 and began mass production, using the 150nm process, in 2007. The Company subsequently introduced a 110nm driver in 2011, 55nm in 2014, 40nm in 2017 and a 28nm in 2019. 

The Company recently taped out a third 28nm OLED driver and seventh 40nm OLED driver. MagnaChip intends to continue to expand the OLED display product line for smartphones and for multiple applications in the consumer, automotive, and industrial sectors. As compared to the 40nm platform, the 28nm product line features a reduction in footprint and a reduction in power consumption of more than 20%.

“MagnaChip was first to market with an OLED DDIC and we have truly helped fuel the growing adoption of OLED displays,” said YJ Kim, CEO of MagnaChip. “We now have more than 15 years of development and production experience with OLED DDICs and are committed to help meet the expected increased adoption of OLED display drivers for multiple applications across different end markets.” 

MagnaChip announced an OLED Ecosystem Initiative earlier this year, and announced partnerships with three industry leaders: ELAN Microelectronics, a leading provider of capacitive touch controller ICs and Melfas and HiDeep, two world leaders in providing one stop Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions. 

Each of these companies will collaborate with MagnaChip to develop and standardise innovative human-interface solutions based upon smart touch, stylus and fingerprint technologies that are suitable for MagnaChip’s industry leading OLED DDIC.

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