LPKF announces first sales of the ProtoLaser R in Asia

20th December 2016
Enaie Azambuja

For the past 40 years, LPKF has been the global market leader in the field of systems for manufacturing PCBs in development laboratories. And now, the Garbsen-based company is rounding off the high end of this segment with a world first: ProtoLaser R is the first system optimised for the use in development departments using an ultrashort pulse laser, allowing it to work on highly sensitive materials thanks to the lack of heat input.

With its compactness and price, the LPKF ProtoLaser R is currently one of a kind on the market. Research activities as well as process and product development require flexible and high-precision tools. The requirements of developers are becoming increasingly stringent, primarily due to the trend toward ever more sophisticated materials and ever smaller dimensions.

With ProtoLaser R, LPKF is opening up new opportunities for laboratory-based experimentation with completely new materials in the micro and nano range.

LPKF sees the sale of the first two systems to customers in Asia as a vote of confidence in the future of the DevelopmentQuipment segment. “With this product, we have developed a new laboratory laser system that is currently unrivaled,” says Dr. Ingo Bretthauer, CEO of LPKF AG. “Our technology sees us for the first time entering the world of research, which will be of strategic importance to future production.”

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