Livingston inks rental pact with Teledyne LeCroy

29th May 2014
Mick Elliott

Teledyne LeCroy has joined the ranks of Livingston’s instrument rental portfolio. The agreement bolsters Livingston’s strategy of offering the widest possible range of test and measurement instrumentation to meet customer needs. Livingston will be a rental partner for its flagship high speed oscilloscope offering, as well as a broad selection of other key products.  

Targeted specifically at cutting-edge telecom applications, such as 100G Ethernet, Teledyne Lecroy’s LabMaster 10 Zi is a high performance multi-channel oscilloscope with dual pole coherent modulation. It is universally recognised as the highest speed real-time oscilloscope available, with a bandwidth that reaches 65GHz (4.9psec rise time) and a sampling rate of up to 160GSamples/s.

Up to 1024Mpoints of analysis memory capacity can be integrated into it (depending on the model chosen). Each unit comes with a built-in 15.3-inch WXGA resolution widescreen colour display supporting touch screen control. Data can be passed from the oscilloscope to a connected PC at a blistering rate of 7. 325MBytes/sec using the unique serial interface bus that is featured. 

It is possible via the LabMaster 10 Zi to carry out all manner of comprehensive analysis - examining modulation schemes, investigating high order harmonics and generally looking at better ways to transmit large quantities of data over next generation network infrastructure. Thanks to the innovative modular design it presents engineers with an extremely scalable solution, providing a simple upgrade path both in terms of the bandwidth supported and the total channel count.

Each acquisition module has 4 channels which are capable of delivering 36GHz. Whereas other oscilloscope units when they are connected up together in an attempt to offer a larger number of channels are blighted by channel-to-channel skew issues arising, with this game-changing instrument it is possible to benefit from as many as 80 channels, since Teledyne Lecroy’s proprietary ChannelSync technology ensures exact synchronization of all channels (with <130fsrms jitter between them).

“The LabMaster 10 Zi represents a major breakthrough in contemporary oscilloscope functionality and sets new industry benchmarks. It is unlike anything else that is currently out there, pushing the performance envelope way beyond previous confines. It can be utilised in every phase of network development - from initial research right through to final implementation and even for on-going troubleshooting.” states Reinier Treur, Marketing Director of Livingston. “The cost of purchasing such a high value item of equipment may be outside the budget of a certain proportion of potential customers, however, so gaining access through alternative sourcing routes is critical.”

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