Kyzen's CTO to present “Application Processing for Solder Related Materials” at IPC Midwest

26th July 2012
ES Admin
Kyzen has revealed that Dr. Mike Bixenman will present a paper titled “Dual Solvent Electronic Assembly Cleaning” at the upcoming IPC Midwest Exhibition & Conferencel in Schaumburg, IL. Co-authored with Joe McChesney of CSD Automation, the presentation will take place during Session S04, titled “Application Processing for Solder Related Materials” on Thursday, August 23, 2012.
The research introduces an innovative method for cleaning electronic assemblies using a low volatile cleaning fluid followed by rinsing in an environmentally safe volatile solvent. Dual solvent cleaning provides a means for engineering cleaning fluids that match up to the soil and to be rinsed using a volatile solvent blend. Additionally, this research will report process integration between the cleaning fluids, cleaning equipment, and solvent recovery.

Electronic assemblies are cleaned in order to remove contaminations that may affect yields, service life and reliability. Highly dense interconnects entrap flux residues under the Z-axis. Volatile solvents commonly used for cleaning include trichloroethylene, normal propyl bromide and a variety of other blended compounds (HFE, HFC, HCFC, etc.). Some of these solvents can have negative effects on the environment and workers. Alternative volatile solvents suitable for cleaning highly dense interconnects are needed.

Dr. Mike Bixenman, CTO of Kyzen, has 20 years of experience in the design of electronic assembly cleaning materials and process integration. He was the chair of the 2008 IPC/SMTA Cleaning Symposium and is the current chair of the IPC Cleaning Handbook Task Group. Dr. Bixenman holds four earned degrees including a Doctorate in Business Administration.

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