IoT industrial gateway aimed at students, makers

7th March 2017
Mick Elliott

To target an audience of students, makers, geeks and young engineers RS Components (RS) says that has been appointed as official global reseller of the SIMATIC IOT2020 IoT industrial gateway, which is manufactured by Siemens. RS is the sole supplier to the market for the SIMATIC IOT2020.

The IOT2020 is an open and flexible industrial IoT (Internet of Things) gateway that is designed for continuous industrial operation and can be used to retrieve, process, analyse and send data to almost any kind of device or network.

Offering a variety of interfaces, including Ethernet, USB and micro SD, the product is compatible with open-source software including the Arduino IDE and Yocto Linux, to benefit from programming in high-level languages such as Java, C++ and JSON.

The IOT2020 is also expandable with Arduino shields and via an on-board PCIe port.

RS says the device is attractively priced, and comes with industrial certifications and UL and CE approval.

It enables students to gain experience of practical industrial development and also allows start-ups and makers to develop ideas in an open way into professional applications and projects.

“RS has been a long-time partner for Arduino, as well as providing excellent support for the large community of developers working with Arduino hardware and software,” said Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino. “The new IOT2020 is an excellent complement to the range of products marketed by Arduino and provides a great way for young engineers to get started and become immersed in the industrial IoT.”

“While the RS focus is primarily on business-to-business customers, Arduino is the perfect partner for RS to target individual consumers such as students or small engineering and design collectives such as those in the maker community,” said Paolo Carnovale, Head of Product Marketing - Industrial Division at RS. “Arduino has the global reputation and the right kind of reach to deliver ‘learning’ products and technology to these markets.”


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